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How much do you charge?
Call 360-701-2822 for our current rates.

Is R.E. Electric Inc. licensed?
Yes, we are a Washington-licensed electrical contractor and our electrician is a licensed journeymen and an electrical administrator.

Are you insured?
Yes, for liability and workers compensation. Our insurance certificate is available to anyone ordering work.

Is your work guaranteed?
You bet!  One year on workmanship, and the manufacturer's guarantee on all parts. And, if something fails, that work is given priority on our schedule.

Can I rely on your estimates?
We make estimates, but if an estimator comes out and looks at your job, the price we give you is a quote. You will be charged the quoted amount unless you add or delete work to be done.

Do I have to pay travel time?
No! We think that is the fairest way. Living in a rural area the travel time adds up fast.  We do not charge travel time and there is also no additional charge for the first hour on the job like some companies.

If you have additional questions, please contact us:
By phone: 360-701-2822 or 360-497-2118 

Or email us at reuben@re-electric.net