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R.E Electric Inc. specializes is the installation of generators and generator backup systems.  We install backup systems for generators ranging in size from 3,000 watts to over 100,000 watts.
As you are aware, this area is prone to electrical power outages.  We can supply you with the most efficient and user friendly means to connect a generator to your home or business.
First, we will consult with you about your needs during a power outage - such as, which items in your home or business are the most important to you (well, water, heat) during an outage. Once your needs are established we can provide you with generating and power transfer options.
There are two types of generating and power transfer systems to choose from, manual and automatic.
  With a manual system we will supply you with the proper equipment to safely connect your home to generator power.  You will start your portable generator and follow simple instructions to connect the generator to your home’s electrical system.

  With an automatic system, we will supply you with a self starting generator and an automatic transfer switch.  When there is an outage, the generator will automatically start and connect to your home within 15 seconds.  Once the utility restores power, the generator will automatically shut down.  This type of generator also runs itself once a week to keep the engine in good working order.